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Saudamini Madra

Intermediate Mandala Grid Template

Intermediate Mandala Grid Template

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This is a perfectly measured mandala grid template for the budding mandala artist!

It’s a .pdf file so you can easily download and print it. Then, use it to jump start your creativity and mandala making. It’s perfect as a practice sheet to improve your drawing skills.

This one has twice as many grid cells as the beginner mandala grid template, so this is suitable for the artist looking to create a more intricate design!

There are three primary ways to use the template:

  • Place the template under your paper (back lit), and you’ll faintly see the lines.

  • Practice your drawing skills or explore a new concept before executing the final design.

  • Draw straight onto it, covering the lines so your drawing won’t show the template.

The grid is a very light grey, designed to fade into the background of your work.

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