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Saudamini Madra

Mandala Tattoo Custom Design

Mandala Tattoo Custom Design

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Have your own custom mandala tattoo design! In the past I’ve designed many kinds of mandala tattoos, including flowers, elephants, owls, sunflowers, and leaves for the elbow, wrist, ankle, bicep, back, feet, and other placements. We can discuss what subject is the most meaningful for your spiritual journey, and find a unique design that embodies your identity. In the past, if you are interested in a large or full sleeve mandala tattoo design, contact me and we can work out the perfect package for you.

Here’s how the process goes:

  • Make sure you provide your email address when checking out

  • After you complete your purchase, I will email you some questions to jumpstart the design process.

  • After we agree the design is heading in the right direction, I will complete the mandala with more intricate details and email for your final approval.

  • At this stage, I can only offer a single round of revisions. For example, you can request a specific shape or a different shading option, and I will make the adjustments. Keep in mind that it’s impossible to change the entire structure or key patterns of the mandala at this stage.

Then, once I’m finished, I will send you a high resolution image of your tattoo design to print and take to your tattoo artist!

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